IMDT® Advance Defensive Driving Training -ADD

During this ADD training students learn, for example, which is the best reaction within the respective situation, what does forward-looking driving style mean, how to react in unforeseeable emergency situations and how to minimize wear and tear of the various vehicles. Also basic field fixes and emergency repairs in case of a damage are part of the program.
Experienced instructors explain in detail the differences between various on-road driving styles. Convoy driving styles and escape techniques in civil or military vehicles are included in the training.
Course Objectives:

  1. Vehicle limitations
  2. Picking the right onroad line
  3. Chosing the correct gear
  4. Breaking and emergency breaking skills - feathering the brakes
  5. Proper planning and preparation
  6. Predictive driving style
  7. Dealing with minor damages
  8. Speed Turns
  9. Slalom driving
  10. Understeering / Oversteering
  11. 360° on wet ground
  12. Implementing pro-active defensive driving techniques
  13. Drifting
  14. J-Turns
  15. Bootleg turns
  16. Scandinavian flick
  17. Dealing with Snow, Ice, Gravel, Mud ,Greenland
    and all other kind of surfaces

Practical and theoretical test and evaluation.