IMDT® Facility Certification - FCP

Binding international standards, operating procedures and guidelines are necessary to be able to assess facilities and training companies worldwide.

What is the IMDT® Facility Certification Program?

The IMDT® FCP ( Facility Certification Program) has been developed to support construction and subsequently certification of training installations and sites worldwide.

Existing sites and training facilities are being inspected and rated upon request.

FCP teams verify and certify the quality of infrastructure, staff, obstacles, difficulty levels, and available equipment. Furthermore the safety and variety of possible training scenarios.

IMDT®  teams can also support and consult during the planning process and the construction of training sites obstacles and infrastructure.

The IMDT® certification can be used as a guideline for organizations, authorities, states and countries to choose the best training facility according to the required tasks.

We furthermore qualify driving ranges and sites to be nominated as an official IMDT® training facility where IMDT® training courses can take place.

Once a facility successfully passed the tests and reached the necessary score the IMDT® teams will follow up by inspections if the quality level is being kept during the following years.

Maintaining or improving the certified quality level is precondition for any future renewal or re-certification.

If you want to learn more about the FCP we look forward to hearing from you.