IMDT® Tactical Mobility Training - TMT

Driving all kinds of vehicles under all kinds of circumstances on all kinds of terrain in safe or hostile environments needs a skilled driver who can cope with vehicle and terrain limitations.
Learning these skills and techniques is the scope of the TMT – tactical mobility training.

The course includes modules of tactical driving, terrain reading and understanding in remote and urban areas, basic vehicle recovery, field repairs, navigation and convoy setup control and leading for various kinds of vehicles.

The learning goal is to train drivers to operate vehicles in any such situation including escape scenarios and to build up the respective self-confidence.

Training Modules:

  • Basic vehicle operations
  • Terrain reading
  • Convoy rules convoy driving
  • Convoy techniques based on terrain type and difficulty
  • Combat in soft vehicles
  • Obstacle assessment / stuck assessment
  • Pre mission checking
  • Night driving
  • High speed driving
  • Behavior at checkpoints.
  • Avoiding ambushes / mines IED's
  • Tactical recovery / repair / vehicle evacuation
  • Casualties, personnel rescue and evacuation
  • Pursuing enemy with vehicles - including a team on foot
  • Being pursued in vehicles - evasion and escape
  • Being pursued on foot by enemy in vehicles
  • SOP – advantages and disadvantages.
  • Predictability phased assault during ambush

Practical and theoretical test and evaluation.