IMDT® Trainer Certification - TCP

We have developed intensive Training for Certification courses that include various training modules covering topics ranging from principles of behavior and escape concepts in violent environments, de-escalation training, adult education, group dynamics to recovery resistance calculations and self-defense.
Part of those courses is also an intense 4WD driver training covering tactical mobility, high speed driving, vehicle recovery and a lot more.

Our goal is to ensure the best possible training from the best possible trainers. We achieve this by requiring that all those who are IMDT® certified have passed intensive written and practical examinations and also have to met many additional requirements. If you are interested in becoming certified by the IMDT® follow the steps below.

How do I become an IMDT® certified Instructor?

Get in touch by email and send us your brief curriculum vitae. Upon receipt we will send you an questionnaire. Fill out this form, sign and mail it to the given address along with the application fee, a copy of your First-Aid certificate and further qualifications, and your resume.

Once your information has been received, processed and approved you will be informed about the current status and the next steps.

As from the date of this notification onwards you enjoy a preparation period of max 24 months to prepare yourself for the written and field examinations.

For said period of time contenders are Candidate Instructors until they become certified by the IMDT®. We will contact you and co-ordinate how to set up an appointment to take the written and field evaluations.

Fulfill the evaluation testing requirements, which include a 300+ question written exam and a stringent field evaluation. Your score on the written and field exercises will be combined and your training background will be evaluated and verified. Your First-Aid certification will be verified.

Once all of this information is confirmed, you will be notified about the further steps to take.

There are additional stringent requirements for additional certification levels including a Master level certification. For more information, please get in touch with IMDT® here.