Tactical Mobility Training -TMT

Driving all kinds of vehicles under all kinds of circumstances on all kinds of terrain in safe or hostile environments needs a skilled driver who can cope with vehicle and terrain limitations.
Learning these skills and techniques is the scope of the TMT – tactical mobility training.

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4WD Driver Training - I4D

During the IMDT 4WD driver training you will learn what ramp angle, slope angle and climbing ability, declines and inclines practically mean in regard to your vehicle and how to safely approach the physical limits of an SUV in the field.

Experienced instructors explain in detail the crucial differences between off-road and on-road driving style.

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Advanced Defensive Driving Training - ADD

Advanced Defensive Driving is based on different Driving Manuals and policies.

The theoretical / practical course aims to educate participants on the basics of Vehicle Control which introduces a planned approach to the driving task.

Amongst others Students learn how to improve their observation, anticipation and planning skills enabling them to travel at the right speed and to keep the vehicle on the road. Emergency breaking procedures and engaging the correct gear are further course topics of the ADD Training.

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Safetrails® is our integrated training concept for private and business travelers travelling with or without vehicles, alone on themselves or in groups, through inhabited and uninhabited areas, as well as regions with unclear, varying or poor security situation.

The IMDT training courses provide the necessary knowledge and skills to identify possible threats like ambushes or illegitimate checkpoints, mine traps, IEDs etc.

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Hostile Envioronment Awareness Training - HEAT

Awareness Trainings enable to understand the actual situation in hostile environments in regard to existing threats, to analyze possible solution scenarios and to evaluate the involved risk factors.

Our training modules provide an in depth understanding of perception, understanding and projection during a specific dangerous situation.

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Special Service

All modules  of IMDT courses and additional topics can be tailored to your specific needs. For further information please contact us and one of our certified instructors will get in touch.

Please specify your goals and the expected number of participants for the desired  training in your enquiry allowing us to react in due time.