Awareness Training enables to understand the actual situation in hostile environments in regard to existing threats, to analyze possible solution scenarios and to evaluate the involved risk factors.
Our training modules provide an in depth understanding of perception, understanding and projection during a specific dangerous situation.


Be prepared. The individual level of preparedness depends on different segments including but not limited to physical fitness, personal skills, driving and survival skills, mental strength and other precautionary measures.

A high level of preparedness is important to achieve mission goals and to avoid or to mitigate possible negative outcomes.

Skills development

Identify. Develop. Overcome. The first step in this process is the identification of potential skill gaps and current limits.
This is insofar important as personal skills determine the ability to successfully execute plans and operating procedures.

We distinguish between physical-, mental- and soft skills which enable to effectively interact with other people.

Advantages that make IMDT® unique

Why should I choose IMDT® as training provider?

Our educators

Our team consists of specialized trainers who are professionally trained at one of the IMDT® Training Centers.
They have demonstrated the professional knowledge and the educational skillset needed to become IMDT® trainer by passing stringent written and practical examinations.

Worldwide Training

In cooperation with the armed forces, authorities and organisations with security responsibilities, law enforcement agencies and others we can demonstrate all kinds of possible hazardous scenarios in post war zones and potentially hostile environments. The IMDT® provides all kind of trainings in local and remote facilities with training courses also "on site" or "in mission" and also "online".

Quality commitment

We provide extensive training and screening of potentially endangered teams in accordance with current military and industry best practices.
Our educators submit to a selection process that encompasses a thorough psychological screening, personal background investigation, aptitude screening and compatibility screening.


With our long-standing experience in implementation and further development of mobility and safety training for the public and private sectors, IMDT® developed a proprietary effects-based approach that synchronizes mission specific needs with a proactive response to threats towards teams, property and support processes.


Many of our trainers have a military background. Therefore, they know global crisis areas from their own missions and understand the local peculiarities, the people and the culture. They have first-hand experience and in depth knowledge of conditions faced by military personnel or mission teams e.g. operating 4WD vehicles in military theaters or post war zones throughout the world.

Continuing education

Continuing Education is critical to providing clients with the most up to date information and training. The IMDT® has the distinct advantage of having trainers throughout the world involved in all aspects of training in all types of terrain and challenges with a wide range of vehicle types and customers which include private recreational groups, military Special Forces, large commercial companies, emergency management personnel, auto manufacturers and more.