armoured vehicle

Safetrails© Training - TST

Safetrails® TST is an integrated training concept for private and business travelers travelling with and without vehicles, alone or in groups, through inhabited and uninhabited areas as well as regions with unclear, varying or poor security situation.

Safetrails courses provide the necessary knowledge and skills to identify possible threats like ambushes or illegitimate checkpoints, mine traps, IEDs etc.
We also train important rules of behavior in confusing situations of all kinds e.g. like unexpectedly arising riots and how to escape them.

The training under realistic conditions will be conducted by appropriately qualified, professional trainers and is worldwide unique in its kind. In principle, it is suitable for anyone going on missions, expeditions or anyone who is travelling to or through potentially vulnerable areas. Course modules overview :

  • Personal safety / equipment
  • Safety of the vehicle
  • Safety in the camp
  • Hazard identification / situational awareness
  • Weapon defense training
  • Driver training Offroad and "special skills"
  • Location detection and rating
  • Self-Defense / Military Self-Defense Techniques armed/unarmed
  • Car-Defense
  • Rules of conduct and ward of mental stress

This seminar goes far beyond traditional training and includes modules of our military driver training.

Practical and theoretical test and evaluation.