IMDT® 4WD Driver Training - I4D

During the IMDT 4WD driver training you will learn what ramp angle, slope angle and climbing ability, declines and inclines practically mean in regard to your vehicle and how to safely approach the physical limits of an SUV in the field.
Experienced instructors explain in detail the crucial differences between off-road and on-road driving style. Important preparations before driving off the road and a basic range of relevant equipment are addressed as well as 4x4 drive concepts, four-wheel drive systems, off-road competence and the importance and function of different controls in a vehicle.
Course Objectives:

  1. Vehicle limitations
  2. Picking the line
  3. Safety features of your vehicle
  4. Traction loss
  5. Crossing gullies
  6. Water crossings
  7. Dealing with side slopes.
  8. Inclines and Declines.
  9. Terrain response - reaction
  10. Terrain observation
  11. Risk assessment of chosen route
  12. Identify & Implement pro-active defensive driving techniques

Practical and theoretical test and evaluation.